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You are attempting to drive from Wall Street to 215 W 23rd Street in New York City. It is 1:30 AM and you are not interested in getting out of your car to ask for directions. Fortunately you have GPS software loaded on your lap top computer, and also have a GPS receiver on the dash of your car. The GPS system shows your track as you leave the Wall Street area and head up Broadway towards W. 23rd.

After driving for some time you notice the car is vibrating and it appears that the right front tire is going flat. You zoom in and realize you are only about two blocks from City Hall. You make a right on Duane, go one block, make another right on Elk, go to Chambers and change your tire in the "relative safety" of city hall. Actually you probably should not even be driving in New York City at 1:30AM, but the GPS system will also help you find your way in any city, town, or rural area. It takes the fun out of getting lost.

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