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Uno de Mingo "The Guitar Playing Horse"

Cody de Mingo The Business Manager

To see a short video of Uno de Mingo play his guitar, click on this text or the picture of Uno and his brother Cody at play. To order a CD with several videos of Uno playing his guitar, send an e-mail to lsensen@comcast.net or call (724) 858-1426. The CDs are $7.55 + $1.00 shipping. 6% sales tax is added to all orders in Pennsylvania. Mail a check or money order to Dime Software, 302 Holly Road, Adrian, PA 16210. Be sure to include your shipping address and phone number. This CD makes a perfect gift for children and horse lovers. There is no computer editing to the videos -- Uno really plays the guitar and appears to enjoy playing for the sound (I do not honestly think we can all it music). He has been playing his guitar since he was two years old. He likes to have an audience when he plays.

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