The Vehicle Expense program is a simple program that does only one thing -- it keeps records on you car. It does not balance your check book, print out graphs, or do your federal income tax -- it only keeps records on your vehicle.

Because the VEHICLE EXPENSE PROGRAM only has one responsibility it is easy to use.

All the software and data can fit on a single disk, so it can be carried in the car and updated on any convenient windows or DOS computer. Expenses are entered in 15 different categories. The program keeps these records and totals all the expenses:

  1. The program totals the expenses for each category for any period from one day to three years;
  2. The program calculates the cost per mile to operate the car;
  3. The program calculates the average miles-per-gallon, and the average cost per gallon for fuel;

The program also prints out blank forms to enter the data on until it is convenient to update the disk.


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